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Kansas City Sheltie Rescue
Kansas City Sheltie Rescue
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 Mature Shelties
Have so much to Offer a Family

  Senior Shelties... 10 and older

Senior and mature dogs have a lot of love to offer an individual or family. We cannot begin to list all the reasons on this page, but would like to refer you to The Senior Dog Project. They offer 10 top reasons to adopt a senior dog. They also provide

  Special veterinary care we provide for our mature dogs

All our dogs, ages seven and older, have special veterinary care, which includes full body function blood work and T4 tests. These are completed to better evaluate the health of our dogs.  Each of our dogs receive a full veterinary examination. X-rays are taken when recommended. Recommended surgeries are completed.  All of our dogs two or three years of age and older have dentals and their teeth cleaned. Of course, all our dogs are spay/neutered, current on vaccinations and heartworm tested.  Dogs who are heartworm positive are treated.  All vet work, including blood reports and x-rays are included and available to the family adopting and their veterinarian.  For more information, please email us at
a list of questions and answers you may be asking yourself as you consider adopting an older dog. Please refer to their website to help you as you consider a mature family member. Links to their site are the icons above.
Kansas City Sheltie Rescue

Mature Shelties... 8 and 9

Jack is a neat, blue merle boy whose date of birth is 8/10/03. He is in rescue because a breeder is reducing the number of dogs in his kennel. He is making great progress in house training and socialization. He is a bit
Lily Marlene is a shy but beautiful blue merle girl whose date of birth is 1/24/03. She came into rescue from a breeding situation and has some socialization to be done. Lily has made great progress since she has been in her foster home.  Lily is house trained and has learned to walk on a leash. She enjoys socializing at her Petco outings.
My name is Reily and I AM TOUGH! I survived four years as a breeding dog. Then the softies at LL Dog came and took me out of there. I’m not complaining as they have treated me good, but I AM TOUGH! I even lost part of my lip when I had a disagreement with another critter at the breeders, but I AM TOUGH.
The folks in my foster home take really good care of me. They don’t realize that they don’t have to treat me very well, ‘cause I AM TOUGH! When I got to my foster home, I couldn’t keep my food down and I had “the runs”. ICH! We found out I had giradia, an
intestinal parasite that makes you feel crummy. Since I AM TOUGH!, I didn’t didn’t complain. I think my foster parents knew something was up when they had to clean my crate every day. Oh, Lordy! I am over that and even though I AM TOUGH, I like sleeping in a clean bed. That is the reason why I have learned to go outside to Potty!. I also like to be petted although I make it hard for folks to do it. I have an image to maintain after all! I have done a pretty good job up to now of keeping everybody at a safe distance. I AM TOUGH! and I haven’t learned yet how not to be. I just had my lunch and feel pretty good right now and I am tough, zzzzzzzz. :) Okay, I Am Pretty TOUGH!
Note from Reily’s foster dad. Reily needs a special home where the folks will understand they can only have what Reily is willing to give. With a lot of time and tenderness, I think Reily will be a great pet. He may never lick your face but even this tough little guy has a tender side. Could you be the one for him?
Andy is a very special boy and will require a very special home. Andy was a breeding Sheltie in his past life. He is small 20 lbs., but has a very full, beautiful coat. Since he has entered rescue, he has grown to love soft beds, toys and play with other dogs. Andy requires a special kind of patience. He has learned to come in when called and meal times are very special times. Andy is not a barker, but does want you to know when he needs out and sometimes in the excitement of play. He enjoys daily naps in his safe spots. He is crate trained. Andy is very intelligent and would do best in a home with another dog to help teach him the routine.
Colin is a well mannered gentleman sheltie who was in a local shleter. He has a sweet disposition, is house trained, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and neutered. He had a few injuries and it is thought he had been struck by a car. He has recovered and is ready for his new home.
Gizmo has been in rescue for some time and has lost about 15 pounds and is now a sleek 38 pounds. His mom got sick and turned him into the shelter where we got him. He is sweet and affectionate but is afraid of small children. Perhaps he was teased or had other issues with kids. He loves to go on walks, loves treats and food so his weight will have to be monitored. He is house trained, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on prevention, and micro chipped. We estimate his age at 9 years but he acts younger.
Marty came to rescue from a local shelter where his time was up. He is small, active, and our vet thinks around 8 years of age. He is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, micro chipped and has had his canine flu shot. He has some hearing loss and is learning to function using hand signals. He is smart, affectionate and pretty active for a dog of his age. He is house trained. Email us if you can make Marty a part of your life.
Sarah came to rescue in quite the family way. She had 5 Sheltie puppies the day after she arrived. Sarah has completed a physical and x-rays after her puppies were born. Sarah does not spend her day in a pen.  The pen is for her puppies.  The door is open. Sarah is about eight years old. She is a bit independent, but loves to be petted. Sarah is house trained. She just doesn't want to get very far away from her puppies. Watch for new photos and updates for Sarah as we get to know her. She arrived on 12/20/2011.
Beau came to rescue from a local shelter. He came to us after testing positive for heartworm disease. He has had his heartworm treatment and is ready to go to his new home. He will need to be tested again for heartworm July 31 and if negative can be declared free of heartworms . He is up to date on vaccinations and on heartwrom preventative. He is housetrained and loves attention. He is a bit overweight but we are working on reducing his weight.

My name is Diamond, and I am a true gem! I am a petite, purebred Sable and White Sheltie, with a loving, friendly personality that surpasses my small size. Through no fault of my own, I lost the only home I had ever known. I was so heartbroken, but the kind folks at KC Sheltie Rescue took me in. I show my gratitude by playing with toys, and loving my foster parents. I am fully housetrained, and a total joy - and cute to boot! I am healthy and active, but do need to stay on inexpensive Thyroid meds. Although I am considered a "senior", I have lots of love and playfulness to share in my "fur"ever home.

a little shy, but friendly and get along well with other dogs. Walking on lead is totally foreign to me, so I need more practice. Once I heal from my recent spay surgery (whew! glad that is over with), I will be ready for my "fur"ever home.

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Cocoa's DOB is 1/20/03. She is a bit chunky and needs some exercise. She is on thyroid meds for a very low thyroid level. She is sweet, laid back and ready to be adopted

 Andy came into rescue after living in a breeding kennel all of his life. His foster parents are teaching him house training, leash training and general trust of humans. He is extremely cautious of all movements toward him but he is slowly opening up. He is exploring on his own terms. Each day of his new life is bringing new sights, sounds and experiences. More on Andy's progress to come.

  My name is B'Elanna. I am a petite, purebred Sable Merle Sheltie female with two beautiful blue eyes. My birthdate is May, 2004. Surrendered by a breeder, I have had lots of puppies, but I don't have to worry about that anymore. So I have decided to become a very good house dog and loveable companion. I love living  in a warm house so much, and I caught onto potty training so quickly that my foster Mom doesn't even crateme. Yep - I showed her that I can be trusted not to potty in the house. Quite a cuddler, I enjoy lying on a warm lap while my ears are rubbed. I weigh about 18 lbs., and need to make a New Year's resolution to lose a pound or so.  I am sweet,

Taylor just entered rescue from a breeding facility. She is working on her house training and progressing very well. She has a very sweet disposition and is getting more comfortable at being a companion Sheltie. She does not walk on a leash, just had one on for the first time last week. Much more training needed here. She is small at 20 lbs. and VERY pretty.

Rocky is a full coated blue merle carrying a few extra pounds. His date of birth is 1/20/03. He is a gentle soul who needs a bit of exercise. He likes all people but has a preference for guys.
Cassidy was very overweight when he came back to rescue. He weighed 48 pounds and was examined by our vet before he was put on a diet food and exercise routine. He has lost 5 pounds on his way to losing 20. He is a bi black with a birthday of 2/27/05. He has responded well to his diet and is more active and moves much better. We will continue his weight reduction program. He has a sweet disposition and some cute quirks. He will be ready for adoption when he gets closer to 28 pounds.
is otherwise in very good health. She is spayed, up to date on shots, and ready for her ‘fur’ever home.
shy but you can pet him and he really enjoys it He would make someone with the patience to continue his socialization a great pet.
Woof Woof my name is Susie and I am an eight year old sheltie lady who is looking for someone to love! Although I am technically a tri-colored sheltie I am mostly black and white with a little brown on my legs. I was recently turned in to the nice folks at Kansas City Sheltie Rescue by my family and although I love staying with my foster mom and
sister dogs. I know that there is someone out there who will find me to be perfect! I need to lose some weight but that won’t be a problem since I am now eating right and I love going on walks! I don’t mind being around other dogs and cats are okay but I don’t play with them since they seem to have an attitude. I love being with people so I hope you don’t mind if I hang with you when you are home. My favorite spot in the house will be right beside your bed! My foster mom is working on teaching me the basic commands like sit and shake. I like it when she calls me “good girl”! I am perfectly house trained so you won’t have any problems with me in the house. I can’t wait to meet you!
surgically removed when she had her teeth cleaned.  She has subsequently had radiation therapy and we expect her to recover fully. She has a follow up appointment December 3 and should be ready for adoption after that date. We estimate her date of birth as 8/2/05 so she is mature enough she no longer chews on shoes or anything else.  She loves to lay on the sofa and we do not crate her and she had done fine. If you are interested in adopting Peggy, Email us or go to our web site and fill out an application
Peggy Sue is a sweet, tri colored sheltie that iis a bit of a free spirit.  She is house trained, up to date on vaccinations, micro chipped and loves attention.  When she came to rescue she had a growth on her front leg that was
Sable is an adult female sheltie. She is very loving, a constant companion. She has been recently diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome (adrenal gland tumors), and requires a daily medication regimen. She would be a wonderful addition to any family. She loves to play fetch. She is well-mannered and is completely housetrained..

Abby came back to rescue when her mom could no longer care for her. She is up to date on vaccinations, micro chipped, spayed and house trained. Her birthday is 3/20/04 so she is mature enough to make a great companion. Would you be the one to give her a new home. Email us if you would like more information.

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but Collie Rose is surely the sweetest amongst them. Rose is friendly, playful and fully housetrained. She is a small Collie, weighing about 40 lbs. – the perfect size for snuggling on  the

couch with her humans (she requests that you have some cheese popcorn to munch on while watching TV).  Rose gets along well with other dogs, and would appreciate a canine playmate. But she is adaptable, and would be a loving, devoted companion in a two-legged household also.  Sadly, Rose lost the only home she ever knew, when surrendered to the kind folks at KC Sheltie Rescue, but she acclimates well to new surroundings.  Rose suffers from dry eye, and needs inexpensive eye drops daily, but

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Sassie came to us when her family could no longer care for her due to a death in the family. Her date of birth is 04/08/05. She is an active girl who loves to play fetch and go for walks. She appears to be house trained and we are putting her out on timed outings. Sassie plays fetch and loves the active life of walks and play.