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 Mature Shelties
Have so much to Offer a Family

Senior and mature dogs have a lot of love to offer an individual or family. We cannot begin to list all the reasons on this page, but would like to refer you to The Senior Dog Project. They offer 10 top reasons to adopt a senior dog.

  Special veterinary care we provide for our mature dogs

All our dogs, ages seven and older, have special veterinary care, which includes full body function blood work and T4 tests. These are completed to better evaluate the health of our dogs.  Each of our dogs receive a full veterinary examination. X-rays are taken when recommended. Recommended surgeries are completed.  All of our dogs two or three years of age and older have dentals and their teeth cleaned. Of course, all our dogs are spay/neutered, current on vaccinations and heartworm tested.  Dogs who are heartworm positive are treated.  All vet work, including blood reports and x-rays are included and available to the family adopting and their veterinarian.  For more information, please email us at
They also provide a list of questions and answers you may be asking yourself as you consider adopting an older dog. Please refer to their website to help you as you consider a mature family member. Links to their site are the icons above.
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