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Ever stop to think that an $8.00 lock can save you $4,000.00 and a lot of heart ache?  Think it will never happen to you?  Someone opened Molly's gate just before her last potty outing.  Being the nosy girl she is, she went exploring.  Yes, she was hit by a car.  After 30 years, with a closed gate, it only takes one time and can prove fatal.  Molly is one of the lucky ones, she will recover.  She now has a lock on her gate.  How about your gate?
Thank you for your interest in a Rescue Sheltie

**********IMPORTANT Notes, Please Read**********

1.  Please take time to read and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of our Adoption Agreement, located here: 

2.  Take time to walk your fence line.  Check the height from the ground up in the lowest area, check for gaps at the ground, between posts that meet, posts at the house or buildings, gaps around the gates, and under them, broken, loose or missing pickets, and wood or brush piles against the fence.  Most fence issues are easily fixed.  Please take time to beef up areas of your fence you find that are not safe and secure.  This will help get your application approved in a timely manner.  Thank you.